Hidden Mother is a short film written and directed by Joshua Erkman, starring Erica Sturdefant and Raquey Strange, with cinematography by Elias Talbot, editing by Star Rosencrans, and an original score by Ty Segall.

Selected by Hulu and the Sundance Institute as part of their Huluween Emerging Filmmakers Film Fest, it is currently available to stream on Hulu and Hulu’s YouTube page.

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Indiewire and SyFy

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Laurie  Erica Sturdefant

Mia  Raquey Strange

Hidden Mother  Jordann Skipper


Writer and Director  Joshua Erkman

Producers  Jonathan Singer-Vine and Nicholas Philipides

Cinematographer Elias Talbot

Editor  Star Rosencrans

Composer  Ty Segall

Special Make-Up Effects and Creature Design  Russell FX

Production Designer Chris Beltran